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Alex Jones Making Babies W High Peak
Amor Maior Portuguese (SPA) Films,
Animal Park BBC1, BBC2
Bachelorette Danish (KODA) Online
Bake Off: The Professionals BBC Lifestyle Africa, GEOL – All4
Big Blue Boing France (NSPD), Viasat Nature (Nordic), Channe l4, More 4
Big Blue Live BBC1, Euro Cable
Body Brothers – Series 3 Irish (IMRO) Films
Camp Kulinaris TV3 Norway,
Chateau Meiland Iii Belgian (SABAM) Films
Choose the Right Puppy for You BBC2, BBC iPlayer, Warsaw Shore (MTV Polska)
Collectaholics Australian (APRA) Films, BBC2
Comecar De Novo Portuguese (SPA) Films
Dickinson’s Real Deal Irish (IMRO) Films
Disabled Daredevils Channel 4
Double Your House For Half The Money Channel 4 Primetime, 4Seven, GEOL – 4oD
Ein Byd Bach Ni S4C Digital, Educational Recording Agency
En Helt Saerlig Dag Danish (KODA) Films
Eventyrlig Oppussing Danish (KODA) Online
Ex On The Beach Danish (KODA) Films
Expeditie Pairi Daiza Belgian (SABAM) Films
Familien Nielsen Danish (KODA) Films
Farmen Kjendis Norwegian (TONO) Online
Furia Polish (ZAIKS) Films
Happy Times album Chris and Pui (CBeebies)
Heel Holland Bakt Netherlands (BUMA) Films
How To Make Slovenian (SAZAS) Films
How To Win At Everything  National Geographic
Huvila & Huussi – Parhaat Remontit Finnish (TEOSTO) Films
Hvem Byder Bedst Danish (KODA) Online
Kirstie’s Quick And Easy Craft Fillers 2021 Channel 4
Koka Baam Israeli (ACUM) Films
Komen Eten Belgian (SABAM) Films
Location Location Location Channel 4 Primetime, 4Seven, GEOL – 4oD
Luksusfaelden Danish (KODA) Films
Mary Makes It Easy BBC1, BBC2
Mei Ling Xing Fu Bian Dang Hong Kong (CASH) Films
Mijn Beste Kerst Ooit Belgian (SABAM) Films
Mishakey Hashef Israeli (ACUM) Films
Mit Hemmelige Danish (KODA) Films
Nightmare Tenants’ 4Seven, GEOL 4oD
No Fire Zone Channel 4 / ITN
No Regrets In Life GEOL – Netflix
Paradise Hotel Norwegian (TONO) Online
Pet Medics Australasian (APRA) Online
Puppies And Us Finnish (TEOSTO) Films, BBC2, Viasat Nature East (NSPD)
Rising Star Israeli (ACUM) Films
Robson Green Extreme Fisherman Discovery
Sarah Beeny’s Sell Your Own Home Channel 4
Science of Stupid National Geographic
Scotlands Home Of The Year BBC Scotland
Secret Dealers Irish (IMRO) Films
Secret Life Of Boys Czech Republic (OSA) Films, BBC
Secret Life Of The Zoo Israeli (ACUM) Films
Shakshuka Israeli (ACUM) Films
Shipping Wars Channel 4, 4Seven, GEOL – 4oD
Shmonim Vearba Israeli (ACUM) Films
Short Circuit DISNEY PLUS
Singletown Canadian (SOCAN) Online
Sister Wives Singaporean (COMPASS) Films, Swedish (STIM) Films
Snow, Sex And Suspicious Parents Czech Republic (OSA) Films
Stoerst Danish (KODA) Online
Survival Israeli (ACUM) Films
Susan Calman’s Grand Days Out Channel 5
Temptation Island Suomi Finnish (TEOSTO) Films
The Big Steam Adventure Channel 5
The Classics Re-imagined Zodiak Media
The Farmers’ Country Showdown BBC1, BBC2
The Masked Singer TV10 Sweden, More 4
The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds GEOL
The Town That Floored The World Swedish (STIM) Films
The Vintage French Farmhouse TV3 Norway
This Farming Life Channel5+24
Til Eg Doer: ?Gaa Kjartan? More 4
Under Offer: Estate Agents On The Job BBC2, BBC iPlayer
Wags Miami E! Europe (SPD)
Wales Home Of The Year BBC1 Wales, BBC iPlayer
Warsaw Shore MTV
Wheeler, Dealers and Delboys BBC1, BBC iPlayer, BBC Knowledge


Go Back For Murder – Bill Kenwright Ltd

Asbach Brandy – Salaman and Mallet

The Count of Monte-Cristo – Zeiler Media


Nanny McPhee The Ballet – LCB – West End premier April 2014

A Little Princess – LCB – West End premier April 2012

The Prince and the Pauper – LCB – West End premier April 2003

Faithful Gelert – LCB – West End premier April 2002

The Lady of the Camillias – North Carolina Ballet

Dr. Zhivago – North Carolina Ballet

Cruise Productions:

Production shows: Revelations, Chartbusters – Openwide International

Production bumpers: Sinatra Medley, Over The Rainbow – Openwide International