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Wheeler, Dealers and Delboys – BBC1, BBC iPlayer, BBC Knowledge

Nightmare Tenants’ – 4Seven, GEOL 4oD

Under Offer: Estate Agents On The Job’ – BBC2, BBC iPlayer

Shipping Wars – Channel 4, 4Seven, GEOL – 4oD

Double Your House For Half The Money – Channel 4 Primetime, 4Seven, GEOL – 4oD

Location Location Location – Channel 4 Primetime, 4Seven, GEOL – 4oD

No Fire Zone – Channel 4 / ITN

Happy Times album – Chris and Pui (CBeebies)

The Classics Re-imagined – Zodiak Media

Secret Dealers – Irish (IMRO) Films

Science of Stupid – National Geographic

Choose the Right Puppy for You – BBC2, BBC iPlayer, Warsaw Shore (MTV Polska)

Collectaholics – Australian (APRA) Films, BBC2

Sarah Beeny’s Sell Your Own Home – Channel 4

Dickinson’s Real Deal – Irish (IMRO) Films

The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds – GEOL

How To Win At Everything – National Geographic

Big Blue Live – BBC1, Euro Cable

Robson Green Extreme Fisherman – Discovery

Disabled Daredevils – Channel 4


Go Back For Murder – Bill Kenwright Ltd

Asbach Brandy – Salaman and Mallet

The Count of Monte-Cristo – Zeiler Media


Nanny McPhee The Ballet – LCB – West End premier April 2014

A Little Princess – LCB – West End premier April 2012

The Prince and the Pauper – LCB – West End premier April 2003

Faithful Gelert – LCB – West End premier April 2002

The Lady of the Camillias – North Carolina Ballet

Dr. Zhivago – North Carolina Ballet

Cruise Productions:

Production shows: Revelations, Chartbusters – Openwide International

Production bumpers: Sinatra Medley, Over The Rainbow – Openwide International